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Oct 06

Harvest Time!


Part of our CSA with Bluebird Gardens includes attending harvest events to pick our own vegetables. These harvest event are held throughout the summer and fall. We attended for the first time last weekend and had a blast! [Click to enlarge] We gave Cam, Mea, and Collin each a pumpkin and shared some of our …

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Sep 30

Pumpkin Patch!

Rylie and her day care pals took a trip to the Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch this week. I tagged along, which was a lot of fun! I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch in years. I have fond memories of our regular family trips to Pumpkinland in southern Minnesota. Hanging out in the animal barn We took a horse …

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Sep 13

A Thrilling Vegetable Update

I’m sure you are all wondering if we have still been getting our weekly CSA vegetables. Riiiight. 🙂 We continue to get loads and loads of vegetables each week! In case you are curious, here’s what we have received lately. (Corn, anyone?! :)) And from our own garden: Favorite new thing we tried… kale chips! …

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Sep 11

Rylie’s First Food

Last week Rylie we started introducing solid food to Rylie. It has been so much fun to watch her explore food! Her first meal was a burrito. Ha! Not really, but we had burritos, she had avocado and black beans. Here’s her first taste. It’s especially funny at about 7 seconds in. And some more …

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Aug 03

It’s a Veggie Photoshoot!

Beware, if you aren’t a fan of vegetables, you might not like this post. Ha! Well, the veggies in the CSA boxes are getting a little easier to identify. Here’s what we got this week. Clockwise from top left: Sweet corn, zucchini, cauliflower, red potatoes, green beans, basil, cucumber, tomatoes, and onions Because we’re headed …

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Jul 27

If I Posted More Often, it Wouldn’t Be So Difficult to Come Up with a Title…

Here I go, neglecting the blog again. Anyway, a recap of our last couple of weeks… Steve participated in the Sanford Tri for Health triathlon in Jackson, MN. This was his second year. Fun fact… I actually signed up for this one last year and was training when I found out I was pregnant with …

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Jul 10

The Past Few Weeks


Oops, I’ve really been neglecting the blog lately! We’ve had a busy and fun summer so far, and are thankful that it actually feels like summer outside! Here’s a recap of the past few weeks… We have continued to enjoy our bounty of vegetables each week. We are starting to get some good stuff and …

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Jun 21

Bike Ride, Bonfire, and Baseball!


We finally had a weekend of great weather, and we definitely took advantage of it! On Saturday, Steve rode 75 miles in the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure. He also reached his goal of raising $500 for the cause. This was his second year participating. Rylie was a great spectator, of course! Later that …

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Jun 18

Bunches of Greens


Rylie loves playing in the Exersaucer at day care, so we bought her a similar bouncer type toy. At her age she is not content laying in her bouncing seat for too long (unless she’s sleeping), so this allows her to have a place to play while mom is doing things like making dinner! I …

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Jun 14

Cabbage, Cabbage Everywhere!


We received a huge head of Chinese cabbage in our CSA box last week. I tried a couple of recipes last night and used it all up! Here they are in case you find yourself with a bunch of cabbage you don’t know what to do with! Chinese Cabbage Salad Adapted from: Serves 6-8 …

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