Nov 01

Trick or Treat!

Here’s a recap of Rylie’s very first Halloween!

We have a ton of pumpkins and managed to carve one of them in time for Halloween.

[Click to enlarge]

We were lucky to have perfect weather! I mean, how many Halloweens can you do an outdoor, barefoot photo shoot!? Rylie was a cheery (and adorable, I might add!) little owl, in a costume made by mom. 🙂

[Click to enlarge]

Rylie’s new favorite toy is Baxter’s Chuck-It ball. Her and Baxter are constantly passing it back and forth, and Rylie will speed crawl across the room to get her hands (or mouth, ew!) on it.

[Click to enlarge]

Here’s our attempt at a cousin picture. They were all a little squirrely! 🙂

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  1. Grandma Sue

    Looks like Rylie had a great time. Scary group at the end 😉

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