Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 19

She’s On the Move!

I’m afraid there’s no turning back… Rylie’s a moving girl! Last Friday she scooted her way across the floor at day care, over the weekend she took a few “steps” forward on her hands and knees, and now she’s in all out crawling mode… The first video shows a little something she’s been super interested …

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Oct 10

7 Months

Today Rylie is 7 months old! Here are some highlights from her seventh month: Still loves to smile and laugh at everyone. Can sit up unassisted and move to crawling position on hands and knees, but doesn’t move forward yet. Loves to sit on the floor and play with her toys. Rolls, spins, or scoots …

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Oct 06

Harvest Time!


Part of our CSA with Bluebird Gardens includes attending harvest events to pick our own vegetables. These harvest event are held throughout the summer and fall. We attended for the first time last weekend and had a blast! [Click to enlarge] We gave Cam, Mea, and Collin each a pumpkin and shared some of our …

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Oct 05

Trying So Hard!


Rylie is getting so close to crawling. She can move from sitting to her hands and knees (or hands and toes!) and rock back and forth pretty well. She can scoot backwards, and if she has something behind her, she can push her legs forward, but no official crawling yet. See her in action here! …

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