Aug 16

Exploring Boulder, Colorado

Well, we survived our 2,500 mile road trip vacation! We had a great time and are lucky that Rylie was an excellent traveler!

Our trip started Wednesday night after Rylie fell asleep. It was tough to drive through the night, but we took turns, and it was great not having to stop every few hours for Rylie to eat (since she normally sleeps through the night anyway). It took us a little over 14 hours to get to Boulder.

Once we arrived in Boulder, we had lunch, then checked out our rental. We were instantly impressed with our “Carriage House”. It was our first time using VRBO to find a place to stay, and it turned out to be a great decision. Our house was fully furnished (they thought of everything!), in a quiet neighborhood, great location, clean, and gorgeous. I would highly recommend the Carriage House to anyone who needs a place to stay in Boulder. The owners are also very hospitable. Their own house is in the main yard, but we didn’t even know they were there unless we needed something.

The main floor of the Carriage House included a bedroom, bathroom, laundry closet, and an open (full) kitchen and living room area. (I was so happy to have access to a washer/dryer for cloth diaper laundry. Can you believe we survived using cloth diapers on a 10-day vacation? :)) A loft accessible by ladder contained a second large sleeping area. The whole place was covered with windows that let in a ton of beautiful natural light. I can’t even cover everything that was awesome about this place.

Over the next couple of days we we explored Boulder. I could definitely see myself living in Boulder. It’s no surprise it is consistently on top of lists of the best place to live in America. The people are active, healthy, and eco-conscious. Here are a couple of highlights…

This is the house used for the exterior shots for ’70s sitcom, Mork and Mindy.

We always like to scope out restaurants we see on shows on the Food Network. In Boulder, this meant a visit to Foolish Craig’s from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Their specialty is crepes. I had the Breast O’ Pesto and thought it was delicious!

Boulder’s place to be is Pearl Street, which is the downtown area. This pedestrian mall includes many restaurants and shops, street performers and artists, and fountains.

Possibly one of my favorite destinations of the entire trip was the Whole Foods that was just a couple of blocks from our rental (yes, I am aware that this makes me a little dorky). Fargo/Moorhead has nothing that even comes close to being as awesome as Whole Foods. I love the bulk bins of produce, “grind your own nut butter” station, and extensive variety of healthy foods.  And how cool is it that they have a bicycle repair stand outside of the store?! Apparently the Pearl Street Whole Foods is also one of the largest locations. I was in heaven! It may even trump my other favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s. 🙂 I foresee many side trips to the new Edina location whenever we are in the Cities.

[Click to enlarge]

Stay tuned for more on the real reason we traveled to Boulder, Steve’s participation in the IronMan 70.3.



  1. Elizabeth

    Looks like an awesome house and trip! Did you see the RightNow office in Boulder? No? Shoot. 🙂 It’s a cool city, trust-funder central!

    We do the same thing with the FoodNetwork shows. Great way to find cool places to eat.

    F-M needs to step it up. We don’t have Whole Foods here, but at least a few stores that are very similar. Sounds like you need to make another trip to Bozeman. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing how the race went!

    1. Ann

      I did not know that RightNow had an office in Boulder. Microsoft does too, and apparently we were just a block from it and I didn’t know until it was too late.

      By the way, Steve and I had the discussion how Rosauers might be almost as cool as Whole Foods. 🙂 We would LOVE another trip to Bozeman! Hopefully sometime soon.

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