Aug 14

5 Months

On August 10, Rylie turned 5 months old! We were on vacation (more about that in the next few days…) so the monthly photo and post were a little delayed. Here are some highlights from her fifth month:

  • Still wiggly as ever!
  • Still loves to smile and laugh at everyone.
  • Started to put everything in her mouth that is in front of her, including her toes.
  • Started developing some separation anxiety, screaming when Mom & Dad leave the room.
  • Started imitating sounds, repeating singing “Hi-aye”.
  • Continues to make new noises including shrieks and babbles.
  • Learning how to sit up unassisted.
  • Found her tongue and starting to learn how to blow raspberries.
  • Responds to her name.
  • Knocked a few more states off the travel list–Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado, and Utah (already been to North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa).
  • Finally started to enjoy swimming in warm water (Glenwood Hot Springs and a condo pool in Moab, UT).

Each month on the 10th (or this month, on the 13th due to vacation) I am taking pictures of Rylie in a onesie with a Picky Sticky sticker. It will be fun to look back at them and see how she grows!

[Click to enlarge]

I thought some of the outtakes were perfect at displaying her spunky personality (and also how difficult these photo shoots are getting :)).

[Click to enlarge]


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  1. Grandma Sue

    What a wiggle butt! Looks like she can really toss that monkey around. I might be a little prejudice but she is very cute! 🙂 Can we Skype soon?

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