Jul 27

If I Posted More Often, it Wouldn’t Be So Difficult to Come Up with a Title…

Here I go, neglecting the blog again.

Anyway, a recap of our last couple of weeks… Steve participated in the Sanford Tri for Health triathlon in Jackson, MN. This was his second year. Fun fact… I actually signed up for this one last year and was training when I found out I was pregnant with Rylie. The combination of my 24×7 nausea and the nearly 100 degree temperature on the day of the race pretty easily convinced me not to follow through. Some day!

Steve did great, placing 10th overall. I am so proud of his hard work! As you can see, grandma and grandpa are loving their Rylie time!

[Click to enlarge]

We also took some time to visit my Grandma. She just loves seeing Rylie, and as you can see, the feeling is mutual!

We continued our “tour of MN” by driving to (wait, add WI to that list) Hudson, WI for my friend Jenny’s baby shower. She is due with a baby boy in September. Can’t wait to meet the little guy!

I should also note that Rylie had her first diaper blowout. In her car seat. In Wisconsin. Ugh. Thank goodness for Jenny’s wonderful in-laws and their washing machine! (Amber, are you reading this? I’m talking about poop on the internet…)

We continued on our journey stopping to visit Leah and meet baby Eleanor for the first time! What a little doll! It’s amazing how they grow in just a few months!

After a quick stop to pick up a bike rack (for our upcoming vacation!) that we found on Craigslist, we headed to visit the Deweys. Rylie provided some good practice for Ade who will be a big sister this fall!

[Click to enlarge]

We attempted to coerce Rylie into enjoying swimming and were again unsuccessful. I think we need to find some warmer water…

[Click to enlarge]

Check out what we got in the CSA box last week!

Haha, not really. We did get a nice bounty, though, including a zucchini bigger than my head! Hello zucchini cake!

Clockwise from top left: Cheddar cauliflower, Easter Egg radishes, new potatoes, zucchini, onions, cucumber, kohlrabi, yellow beans, and broccoli!

Well, that zucchini has actually made its way into some zucchini cake and it smells amazing! I better go test it…


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  1. Elizabeth

    Love all the pictures! I’m jealous you got to see the Dewey’s and them you guys. Looks like Rylie’s doing so well! That zucchini has me hoping we get some in ours this week. 🙂

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