Jun 24

Crazy Hair!

So, Rylie has some pretty interesting hair. She’s got a little bit of combover-worthy hair up front, and definitely has a party going on in the back. Plus, she’s got a bald ring all around her head. I still think it’s cute. 🙂 Anyway, I attempted to brush her up-front hair to the side after her bath the other night, and this is how it decided to “lay” for the next couple of days. It definitely has a life of its own!


  1. Gandma Sue

    If you could add some curl to that she could look more like me! I love it! And Rylie of course 🙂

  2. Jimmie

    I came over here to comment because I wasn’t sure if you would see my answer to your question on my blog. The diaper is from Green Carbon Living on Etsy…they were AWESOME to work with!

    Yay for another March 11 Bumpie! (And from Fargo, I presume??) My hubby was going to ride in Tour de Cure, but he defends his dissertation next week, so he’s been too busy prepping for that. So fun to have a new “friend” from this part of the world!

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