Nursery Inspiration

Designing baby’s nursery is more exciting for me than planning my own wedding (sorry, Steve!) I love having the opportunity to design and create something! I even plan to make a lot of the items in the nursery in order to save a little cash.

I have found inspiration for this project in many places. Some of my favorite websites include Project Nursery, Ohdeedoh, and Baby Room Bio. For a color theme, we’re going with gray, white, and yellow, with some pink accents. The style will be modern and simple. Here’s a little taste…

From top: Babyletto Modo Crib, Crib Bedding, Rug, Paint, Wallflowers, Letterpress Poster, Star Burst Poms, Confetti Mobile

Look for progress updates soon!


  1. Jessica says:

    Ann! You are so right! We have the exact taste/style in decor. I have seen and admired almost every single item on here. Love it! Can’t wait to see your final product! When is she due?

    1. admin says:

      March 5!

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